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In 2015, the Colombix team (as a part of Crypto Global Network LTD.) began operating in the OTC markets of Colombia and neighboring South American countries, fully understanding great and underestimated potential of the region characterized by the following factors:
- a multitude of large individual sellers needing to regularly dispose of their assets, which contributes to low prices of cryptocurrencies;
- state regulations controlling transactions and cash flows and complicating trade operations;.
- fragmented market structure and lack of quality services for customers;
- cultural and legal barriers resulting in a difficult-to-access market , as well as lack of transactional guarantees.

Thanks to the hard work of each member of the Colombix team, we were able to turn the the cons into the pros, creating a unique network of reliable sellers and a business model that enables quick and simple digital currency transactionsfor our customres at the world’s best prices.

More than 1000 private transactions with a total value of above $ 200M have already been conducted.

In 2019 we launched - an online service allowing people from all over the world to work with us.

Since the very first day, security and privacy are the top priorities of our company.

In the nearest future we are planning to introduce crypto-crypto OTC transactions (you can try them now through demo purchase), a special Colombix Arbitrage program and many more, so stay tuned!

Our official representatives

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Jack Ming - CHINA, HK.

Phone: +852 5527 0677

AkinSola Akinbounje - NIGERIA

Phone: + 234 7036847908

Gina Cosentino - USA

WhatsApp, Phone: +12064866175

Ali Seth - India, Bangladesh, Pakistan

Telegram: @Ali_Seth / [email protected]

Joao Rodrigues - Brazil

WhatsApp, Phone: +5518996873156

Aviv Sofer - Israel

Phone, WhatsApp: +972528785347 / [email protected]

Hüseyin Bayram - Turkey

WhatsApp, Phone: +05442567974 / [email protected]

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Colombix Team

Luis Jiménez

Co-founder and Colombian market expert

Elbert Meeuwissen

Chief Technology Officer

Chris Van Der Hout

Chief Product Officer

Melissa Rangel Pasos

Chief Legal Officer

Jose Hernández

Colombian market expert

David Boels

Chief Financial Officer and Head Trader

Camila Mina

Accounting Officer

Henrick Couman

Development Manager